Private Company Director Article - Sustainability Drives Profitability

Three ways to help your company benefit from sustainability strategies and programs
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Todd Weinstein
April 8, 2024

Directors thrive at the intersection of strategic planning and risk management, and sustainability should be frequently discussed in both contexts. For directors who are just starting their journey with sustainability, it is important to learn how sustainability drives real business value, beyond the marketing fluff that has long been associated with this topic.

A company is not required to immediately attain “perfection” with respect to Sustainability, but every company needs to be actively managing sustainability risks and opportunities.

Sustainability is an important topic that is growing in importance across the supply chain and consumer base. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of sustainability-marketed products is two times compared to conventional products over the last five years according to the 2022 Sustainable Market Share Index, published by NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business.

The same NYU report found that sustainability-marketed products achieved a 28% price premium over...
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